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Hey guys, so are you thinking about buying a smart TV? If yes, then read this till last.

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Most of the people who buy smart TV for the first time have some doubts and queries. 'Is smart TV  worth buying'? What makes smart TV different from normal TV? Which types of features should I look in a smart TV? Am I spending money on the right product? With answers to your every question or the most common question. today I will tell the top 10 tips that you should keep in mind or follow if you don't want to do any regret after purchasing a wrong product. Because buying a new smart TV is not like buying a new smartphone where we consider (RAM, ROM, Battery, processor, etc.). And we use a TV about 3-4 years or more and spend much more than a smartphone so we should be more careful Not everyone has a very good knowledge about smart tv that's why shopkeepers can easily make customers fool. Let's make it simple and cool:)


                      Not only smart TV but for every expensive thing we should have a clear budget. Going to the market and not getting confused between products is not a choice but we can decide our budget before going to store to reduce the confusion. Most of the people think " we will see if the product looking good and it if affordable for us then we will buy that " and when they enter the store sales Men are fully prepared to make your wallet more lite as much they can.
So don't fall into that trap and have a satisfying budget with you.


              First, measure what is the distance in between where you place tv and your bed/sofa/ couch. If you buy  55-60 inch tv just because you can afford it and place it in a small room than it is not a great deal because you won't get that picture quality on tv even it is 4k. It is recommended that for 43 inches distance should be 7-8 feet and for the 60-inch distance should be 12 feet. And in my opinion, you should not buy an LED tv less than 32 inches.
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                                 Resolution means no. of pixels that picture on display. And as the number of pixels increases the sharpness of the picture increase. Basically, most of the tv comes within HD. FULL HD. 4K (ultra HD) resolution. HD has 1366*786 pixels full HD has 1920*1080 pixels and 4k has 3840*786 pixels. In my opinion, you should go for a 4k resolution because the ones if experience 4k resolution you will never go back for full HD. 4k tv costs more than full HD and HD. Now, 4k tv is available at most of the stores and switching to 4k is making you future-ready. OLED TV looks much better than LED and  LCD. But OLED TV is expensive than others.


                                           If a tv has a label 'smart' then it doesn't make it smart tv. A tv which can connect with the internet is not enough. Most of the tv comes with their own OS system which has their own app stores and most of the available apps on that app stores are useless. So look for a TV which has DLNA or miracast support which helps to mirror your smartphone to tv. believe me, watching your phone gallery on your big tv makes you feel great. On which you can use any type of streaming, messenger apps, and even games also. Look for that TV contains an air remote with voice command or not because typing from a remote takes a lot of time, whether the voice command will help you to save the time of typing. If a TV has Bluetooth portability than you can easily connect your smartphone or any other device to your TV easily and enjoy music with high volume and watch tv with headphones without disturbing anyone. don't forget HDR-compatible to make your tv brighter and colorful.


                                     how many times a picture refresh in a second is called a refresh rate. The highest is the refresh rate makes better picture quality. the standard refresh rate of tv is 60HZ. Some tv brands offer a 120hz monitor to make the picture quality smoother and clearer.
but there is not a big difference between 60hz and 120hz if both are playing standard content. In my opinion, you should go for the 120HZ refresh rate.


                              Same as our computer and smartphones smart tv have some types of the operating systemsome famous os versions of smart tv are android TV, web os, Tizen, rokee tv, smart cast. Some big brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, TCL, vizro. Keep in mind that os version you are choosing must give os version updates after some time. different os version comes with their own app stores and faster connectivityIn my opinion, you should go for android tv or WEB OS because users like them most than other ones.


                                An HDMI high definition multimedia interface ) port is used to receive and transmit video signals and audio signals from other devices or sources. there should be at least four HDMI  ports in a smart TV.


                      When you enter an electronic showroom, there are many tv sets that are plugged side by side and playing the same clip simultaneously on a loop. In this condition, it is not easy to understand the sound quality of that product, which is best in all other features. so if you want to check the sound quality of that tv then request a staff member to mute all other tv and then walk back the distance where you place the tv and then check it. In my opinion, you should buy a soundbar or home theatre instead of speakers because they are getting worse with slim screens.


                      Some brands give very good service to their customers when customers need any help or service during the warranty period. If you choose a big brand product then you can find any help on google. Some new and small brands make almost the same product with the same features and have much cheaper than big brands but if you have any trust issue than check review of that product on google and go for it.


                         After all, these tips don't forget to follow this tipWhen you visit a store there are very impressive sales rep to make sure that you will buy the product what they want to sell. offers and displays can spin your head for ones but read reviews on google youtube or other websites to know " is the product is satisfying or working well ? " "is there any problem in OS ?"

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