top 10 things you should not ignore before buying a new mobile phone.

Top 10 things you should not avoid before buying a new mobile phone.
Smartphone buying guide

Hey, friends so today I will tell you some very important tips which you should keep in mind if you are thinking about buying a new mobile phone. Because some people buy a new mobile phone without having any query which makes them regret after some time.
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1.) Budget: 

                     Ask yourself "what is your budget". Most of the people who prefer to buy mobile phone offline or from a nearby store does not have a fixed budget which is not good. Because without a fixed budget, you will definitely get confused at the store and after some time you think you could buy a better mobile phone is less money. We all know that as much money we spend as many features and quality we will get. So make a budget for your new phone before thinking which smart phone you should buy.

2.) Display:

                   The first thing we interact with a mobile phone is its display. You can choose your devise resolution according to yourself, but you should check what is the display type of that phone. Is this HD display or OLED display or LCD or full HD? If you are a game lover and loves to play high graphical games, then you should definitely go for full HD display to have an amazing experience, but if you don't play games too much then you can go for HD display or LCD display.

3.) Storage:

                  Basically, storage is known as ROM where you can store all your device data. You can choose between 32gb 64gb and 128gb according to your needs. Most of the smart phone brands launch the same model with different RAM and ROM which is very helpful for their customers. If your storage is UFS 2.1 or UFS 3 then it is very good because it increases the data transfer speed. (UFS-Universal flash storage)

4.) Camera:

                   Most people buy a new mobile phone just because they want a better camera for selfies. And they think that a higher number of megapixels improves picture quality, but it's not true because you can see some smart phone of reputed brands has 12 or 16 megapixels camera, but the picture quality of that phone can beat the picture quality of mobile phone with 25 megapixels. All you need to check is camera sensors of that smart phone. The quality and amount of sensors make the picture quality better. There is a function called HDR which removes shadows from pictures and improve picture quality. Think that you should go for it. You can also go for EIS to get rid of the shaking problem during shooting a video and a front flash option to take pictures in the night.
Camera of smart phone

5.) Processor:

                             You should not avoid that which processor is used in the mobile phone because without a good processor the performance of your phone will decrease day by day. It will become slow and starts getting hung after some time. In my opinion, you should go for snapdragon 675 mobile platform and snapdragon 710 mobile platform and you can also go for Media Tek p60 or Media Tek p70.

6.) Battery:

                     It depends on the battery of a mobile phone that how much more time you can use the system. No one really likes to put their smart phone on charging for 2 hours. To solve this problem companies introduced new functions like fast charging or VOOC charging, which takes about 35-40 minutes for 80-85% charging. Believe me, it will save your a lot of time :)
Battery power

7.) Build quality

                                Most of the mobile phones come with three types of body plastic, glass, metal.
In the plastic body, it is tough to protect it from scratches and dents. Plastic is not heating conductor that's why it doesn't get hot soon as metal, but the metal body looks more classy and doesn't have scratches and dents easily. And in the glass body if your phone falls down there are high chances that. But the glass cover looks really very nice.
Metal body of mobile phone

8.) System update

                                  Some of the smartphones brands don't have regular system update which is important of every mobile phone to get the system updated after some time. Always check which smart phone has good in system updates.

9.) RAM 

               RAM (random access memory) is used to save data of running apps on your mobile phone.  RAM can let more apps run in the background without slowing your phone down. If you like to play games with high graphics on your mobile phone then go for 4GB RAM. And if you don't use the smart phone like a pro then you can go for 3 GB RAM.


                        If you have which smart phone you are going to buy then don't forget to check his reviews on google or YouTube or other sites to check how it is working. Because some smart phone brands do not give quality in mobile but an advertisement.
Review of smartphones
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