top 10 best and worst countries for drinkable or fresh water compared their population

Most of us daily read newspaper and read about water crisis in some states of our country. which is very serious problem in our country but it is interesting to know that which are top 10 best countries in world which are rich in fresh resources water and what are some worst countries in fresh water resources.

(fresh water-  water of rivers ,ponds or any other source contains a very little amount of salt are called fresh water but after filtration it becomes drinkable and water of seas which contain a high amount of salt and not drinkable and harmful for health.)

after some research we have find out top 10 best and worst countries in the world fresh water compared to their population.

let's start with top 10 best countries contain huge amount of fresh water with their population.

1.) brazil
brazil has approximately 8,233 cubic  kilometer of fresh water resources. population of brazil is 20.93 crore.
2.) russia
russia has approximately 4,508 cubic kilometers of fresh water resources. population of russia is 14.45 crore.
3.) united states
us has approximately 3,069  cubic kilometers of fresh water resources. population of us is 32.72 crore.
4.) canada
canada has approximately 2,902 cubic kilometers of fresh water and population of canada is 3.71 crore
5.) china
the volume of fresh water resources in china is 2,840 cubic kilometer and population of china is 142 crore .  china is world's most populated county.
6.) colombia
volume of fresh water in colombia is 2,132 cubic kilometers and population of colombia is 49 crore.
7.) european union
EU has 2,057 cubic kilometers of fresh water resources and population of EU is 51 crore.
8 .) indonesia
indonesia has 2,019 cubic kilometers of fresh water resources and population of indonesia is 26.4 crore.
9.) peru
there is 1.913 cubic kilometers of  water resources in peru and population of peru is just 3 crore.

10.) india
india has 1,911 cubic kilometers of water resources but it is not sufficient for future because india is second most populated country in the world  with population of 135 crore and many cities in india are very polluted. therefore some states in india are facing problem of drinkable water in present time.

now let's see what are that 10 worst counties with crises of fresh water
1.) bahrain
3.)st.kitts and nevis


6.) antigua & barbuda

8.) barbados
9.) uae
10.) grenada

what is your country tell me in comments box. have a nice day.

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