Top 10 smartphone myths we need to forget.

Top 10 smartphone myths we need to forget.

Hey guys, We all use smartphones and now it is one of the basic needs of a human in the 21st century. everyone has a different experience with a different device. some people share their experience as per their knowledge.some of those are myths are known by some of us but most people still believe in those myths. Today we will discuss those top 10 smartphone myths which are making us stupid. by believing we are wasting a lot of let's start

1.) Incognito mode is completely safe for private browsing.

fact - Some of us use incognito mode of the browser to get an identity of autonomous for browsing.incognito mode only delete your browsing history. if you think that no one can track you by using incognito mode or you can hide yourself from website then you are wrong. some parties can easily check your location and all browsing data. incognito mode just clear cookies, site data and login information.if you want complete privacy then I recommend you to use VPN

2.) Smartphone causes cancer
  there had been many researches took place and there is no proof that radiofrequency energy emitted by smartphone causes cancer in the human body. yes, it is true that smartphones emits RF but they don't have enough energy to make changes in DNA. these RF can increase the tumor already present in the body but it doesn't produce it. these radiations affect your brain but they are harmful or not, it is not clear.

3.) the more megapixel camera means better picture quality

fact- Before buying a new smartphone people used to judge camera quality just by looking at a number of megapixels. The picture quality of the camera depends upon the quality of lenses and sensors .some smartphones have an 8 or 12 megapixels camera but have pro picture quality.


4.) your phone will explode if you keep plugged overnight

fact- it is completely safe to keep plugged your phone overnight for charging. most of the people think that it could explode the battery but today smartphones are smart enough. when your smartphones hit 100 percent battery, your smartphone stops consuming more electricity.

5.) Removing apps from recent apps boost phone speed

fact- when you open an application and after using it you close it. when you again need that app you open it and this time it opens faster than the first time because cache memory was stored in RAM. Removing it from recent apps can kill your battery because every time you open the application the processor takes data from storage for processing and it uses more battery. In addition to this smartphones automatically remove some apps if it is decreasing phone speed.

6.) No one can track you if your phone's GPS is off

fact- your phone has two operating systems the first one keeps you connected to cellular networks and the second one connects your phone to the consumer. If you turn off the GPS or remove the battery then other part of the operating system will keep working or able to send signals. having some malware in your smartphones can also track your location or other information by third parties, hackers.

7.) System updates make your device faster
fact-When you buy a smartphone or other device then you will get a notification of system updates after a period of time. keep updating your phone system doesn't make your device faster but slow down. different operating system needs different types of hardware.the more visual elements and the advance feature doesn't fulfill hardware requirement and decrease the performance of the device.

8.) keep Bluetooth and wifi turn on kills the battery
fact- Bluetooth and wifi both are very useful and important features of a smartphone.when you keep them turn on and don't use them then they strain a very little amount of battery. yes if use them to transfer files or connect devices then they start killing the battery.

9.) Only use charger you get with your smartphone
fact- Brand manufacturers recommend to use only official charger just because to earn from accessories.and it is a myth that using a third party charger can decrease the battery life.yes you should not buy any cheap or counterfeit or local charger but affordable off-brand chargers are ok to use. different chargers charge the smartphone at different is safe to use another brand charger to charge your phone.

10.) Receiving calls while charging can explode your phone
fact - most people think that if they receive a call while mobile is charging can explode the smartphone but it is just a myth. you can use your phone while charging as long as you want but not when you are using a third-party charger. using a phone in the right way doesn't create problems.

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