Top 10 useful computer keyboard shortcuts and tricks of 2019.

Top 10 useful computer keyboard shortcuts and tricks to become a keyboard expert.

Hey guys, in this post we will tell you some useful computer keyboard shortcuts tricks which can make you work faster on pc. As we know today most people use pc and laptop but using them in a smart way can increase their productivity. you can also impress your friends by using pc without the help of a mouse. maybe you already know some of these tricks but we are sure in this post you will definitely learn something new. you will also find these tips useful.

so keep reading and try them in your pc.

1.)A solution of " Application is not responding"

                                                                                            Some times when you open a file or folder it does not respond and it doesn't close when you try to close the folder. In this condition press ctr+shift+esc .  now a window of a task manager will be displayed. select the item you want to close then click end task to close those tasks. when I use this trick I feel like a PC expert :)

2.) Take screenshot is PC

                                                  Did you know that we can take a screenshot in pc?

if no then you will be amazed that we can capture the current window picture in PC. press ctr+print screen to take a screenshot and in windows 10 press window key + print screen. locate your screenshot at c:/users/my pictures/screenshots.

3.) Change screen contrast

                                                   Press alt + shift + print screen key to change screen will change background colour to black and text colour to white. it reduces eye strain and vastly easier on eyes. if you use pc for an extended time period then keep this trick in mind. you can also change screen contrast to change the look of the display.

4.) lock your pc instantly

                                                Press window key+ L to lock your pc instantly.if you are doing something important or personal work on the computer and you need to go and do something else and you don't want to shut down your computer or put it on sleep mode then this shortcut will help you.
pc lock

5.)Shut down your pc instantly

                                                            Press window key and U twice to shut down your pc instantly. for sleep mode, restart and switch user or shut down press alt+f4 and select the action you want your pc to perform and then press enter.

6.) PSR (problem steps recorder)

                                                                if you want to capture or share the steps you take to perform a task you can use PSR ( problem steps recorder). tap on start then type PSR.  open it and click on start recording and cut the PCR window. now it will work like a reen recorder.

7.) find any file or folder instantly

                                                                       to find any folder or file instantly in your pc press window key + F and search by file name.

8.) to permanently delete any file

                                                                     if you want to permanently delete any file or folder from your pc instead of moving it to recycle bin press CTR KEY + DELETE.

9.)Reopen the closed tab

                                                if you are working on chrome and by mistake, you have closed a tab then you don't need to worry. Just press the ctr+ tab + shift to reopen the closed tab in the same sequence you closed them.

10.) add www. & .com

                                        type website name in the search bar of your web browser and press ctr+enter to add www. and .com as prefix and suffix.

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