How to speed up a laptop running windows 7,8 and 10

Hey guys, if you are facing the problem of a slow laptop and looking for a solution then you are at the right place. it is normal because after a time laptops becomes slow. in this post, we will share some tips for speed up your laptop in a few minutes. we will also tell you the reason behind to use them. these tips are easy to follow.we will tell you only those tips which work in windows 7,8, and 10. so don't worry and read this full article.

1.) Run a disk cleanup

                                          running a disk cleanup helps to speed up your laptop. disk cleanup is a tool by windows which delete the unnecessary files without affecting any functionality or your personal data.
to run a disk cleanup follow these steps.

-Click start.

-Search for disk cleanup.
-choose a disk from where you wanna take this action.
-click ok.
-select the files you want to delete.
-Click delete.

2.) update OS, drivers, and Softwares

                                                                       drivers are programs that enable Windows to access your hardware like sound, video , printer and drivers of your laptop need to update to speed up your laptop because the faulty driver and some programs cause shut down and start laptop more should also make sure that windows and programs are updated.

to check window updates navigate to start then type 'windows updates' then select the program and drivers update and click update.


3.) Uninstall the programs you don't need

                                                                                there are always some programs in our computer we don't use but still, they are installed in our pc. these programs do background processing and use system services and autostart entries. making your local disk lite helps to boost up your computer performance. to find and uninstall these programs
-go to start.
-type uninstall a program and click on that option.
-select the program you don't use then click uninstall.

4.)Remove unnecessary browser extensions

                                                                                      most of us use some browser extensions to improve our browsing experience but some of those extensions are used very rarely by us. these extensions can slow down your browser speed. you can remove these extensions or add ones by right click on the top right of the browser window.

5.)Remove source hungry programs

                                                                      if your laptop is running slow or apps are not responding then let me tell you that there are some programs that uses too much of resources, therefore, it takes a long time than expected to run a program. as more CPU usage increases it decreases pc speed. sometimes your CPU usage increases up to 99% . to check and force stop these apps

-press ctr+shift+esc (shortcut keys to open task manager).

-now select the apps which are not responding.
-then click END task.
 it will close those programs and help to boost speed.

6.)Remove system tray program

                                              there are some applications which are present in
system tray.these application starts running after startup the computer. these applications are hidden behind the arrow icon present at the bottom right corner. I recommend you to remove these applications
-Click on the arrow icon
-select the application and right-click.
-then click remove.

7.) Use an antivirus

                                     maybe your laptop or pc has malicious software and virus. these malicious software keeps running in the background. they could have access to track your browsing. they are also responsible for slowing down your more "how malicious software effect on pc". 
there are many antiviruses available for free. but I would recommend helps to catch malware and virus which are responsible for decreasing your pc experience which tends to ignore by other antiviruses.

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